Simple Platform. Big Performance.

DEALPOINT is the only app that was designed with technology to give merchants the reach of a large corporation for an affordable price. We allow you to control your promotions and advertising from a single, integrated platform that crowdsources customers in real time. Adding DEALPOINT as part of your Omnichannel strategy will create that next level customer experience your business needs.

Offer Promotions On Your Terms.

Don’t let large discount websites lure you in to take huge commissions, leaving you with fractions of your revenue. DEALPOINT is subscription-based, allowing you to name your own terms and drive customers when you want, not based on someone else’s schedule.

Your customer connection through DEALPOINT is an intimate, one-on-one connection. Your messages are delivered instantly to their mobile devices or email. Every campaign and interaction is tracked through your DEALPOINT portal.

Fully Integrated.

We integrate directly with your POS systems – we work with Square, Clover, Vantiv, Verifone, and others in order for you to build your customer base and create experiences better than mass-market discounters and DEALPOINT programs. Our platform also integrates with your current email platforms such as Mailchimp or constant contact in real-time, further building your customer network so you can instantly offer new customers news and information without any administrative hassles.

Affordable. With Instant ROI.

DEALPOINT is the only platform of its kind. Being subscription based, we do not charge for the size of your database. We allow you to define targets and customers and depending on your frequency, set customizable campaigns that stay active on your scheduled time, whether it’s a few hours or a few years.


$ 49

Per Month
  • 1 Target
  • 1 Flash Deal
  • 1 Active Campaign Per Month

GoldMost Popular

$ 99

Per Month
  • 3 Targets
  • 3 Flash Deals
  • 3 Active Campaigns Per Month


$ 149.99

Per Month
  • 10 Targets
  • 10 Flash Deals
  • 10 Active Campaigns Per Month


$ 99

Per Month
  • Contact for more information

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Are these the only plans?

Our community is rapidly expanding and we want businesses to be part of the DEALPOINT experience.  Contact our sales team to learn how you can be a DEALPOINT influencer in your community which qualifies for special rewards for you and your customers.

Are there any discounts?

Customized plans and setup is available.

Contact DEALPOINT to discuss options.